Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Now Spring

It is seed ordering time. Looking through all the seed catalogs gets me excited for spring. Lots of new vegetables to try too. After doing our seed inventory and seeing if I had any usable seed Bruce and I made out the list and then hunted for our seeds writing down catalog # , trying to figure out how many seeds are in one packet verses 1/32oz. Then going on line and ordering. The confusing part comes when you need a little more than 1 packet of seed but 2 packets costs more than 1/4th oz and you get twice as many seeds. New things we are trying this year are Broccoli Raab, Hon Tsai Tai flowering greens, and Rutabaga. Then there are always things to improve on each year. i learned at NOFA Mass Winter conference about starting onions early April 1st and growing them under plastic low tunnel hoops . The same for greens and carrots so hopefully I can perfect this and have early greens, carrots and green onions
I buy my seed from High Mowing Seed Co, Johnny's Seed Co. and Fedco Seed Co. Things to try to find are Heirloom, open pollinated, non hybrid seeds. These seeds make flowers that help and keep the honey bees happy and they have not been messed with. Hybrid seeds are OK and can be organic which is good but not as good as non hybrid. Then there is all the diseases that a plant is resistant to. It takes time to read all the write ups about the seeds so one has to prepare to get into what I call a 'Zen" mode and relax and enjoy.

The NOFA Mass Bulk order is where I get my organic seed potatoes, shallots, and onions. They come from Fedco Seeds in Maine. The Fedco Seed catalog is fun to read with lots of background and history to the seeds. I order my Sweet Potatoes from the Maine Potato Lady. I am also going to get potato onions to plant in the fall for next year.

The Garlic is already snuggled in the ground staying warm under all the snow. I order them from Gillie Brook Farms.

Now on to the planting calendar, the crop rotation in the gardens and when the seeds arrive getting to play in the green house starting seeds.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 January Snow

We finally got some snow in January. Yea! The gardens need some covering on top of their stand of Oats so this is a good thing. The picture is of our Mongolian Yurt covered in snow. It is a new addition to the farm fun.

We are busy now ordering seed and organizing the green house to start our leeks. I just got my North American Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar so I can figure out my planting schedule. This guide helps me to plant by the moon by giving me optimum days for sowing, pruning and harvesting varoius plants and crops,, as well as working with bees. Another job to do when the snow flys is revising the garden plan for crop rotation. Crop Rotation is important in order to control insect and disease problems.

Ir is also recipe gathering time and putting together the recipes for the CSA weekly shareholders.to have when they start their pick ups in June. I am also going to put together a monthly calendar of events for the Farm. I hope to have a monthly garden morning where people can come and get their hands dirty in the soil or help with another farm project.

Cut Flowers are going to be a new attempt this year so there hopefully will be a time to come and make your own flower arrangement.

The big rock garden is going to become my Medicine Wheel Garden for all my herbs. I am excited to have this garden to help me in my herbal adventures.

Lots to do in the winter for the farmer.